Executive Introduction

Impact Finance Director Executive Introduction

Brief Background
I believe that the Finance Director is the most important role in any business after the Managing Director, because only through his expertise and foresight can the other functions such as sales and production make the decisions and take the actions necessary to achieve the business’ strategic objectives. Many businesses of up to £25million turnover, do not employ a Finance Director and as a consequence operate in a constant environment of financial uncertainty.

“Hiring an FD early in our development, was the best advice the Chairman gave me.”
Stuart J. Miller Founder Bybox   

What Is An Impact Finance Director
An Impact Finance Director is a highly experienced professionally qualified accountant, who has undertaken Financial Director roles in a range of businesses and who now acts as Finance Director for a portfolio of businesses, providing them with the support they need at a time and cost which suits their requirements.

Why You Should Use Impact Finance Director
The principal reason that you should use an Impact Finance Director in your business is that it will enable you to take charge of all the issues relating to finance and provide a structure for maintaining and benefitting from that control. Using our proven consultative approach we will bring together Strategic Planning, Forecasting, Management Reporting and the operational Accounting functions such as Credit Control, Purchase ledger and Fixed Asset management to provide complete and sustainable financial control. Business and trading cycles will also be considered so that growth, capital investment or exit strategies are properly managed.

Budget Considerations
Engagement is on a daily basis, with clear objectives and timescales which can be weekly, monthly or quarterly. Participation by relevant personnel from within the business is actively encouraged where appropriate so that knowledge is retained within the business and the acting Finance Director is engaged only in those areas that have the largest beneficial impact on the business. 

Use Impact Finance Director’s proven consultative approach to resolve one-off business issues or as a rolling engagement in support of your business.