About Us

At Impact Finance Director we believe that every inspirational business strategy requires a robust operational and financial plan; and that every business venture deserves passionate financial support and discipline.

These are the skills provided by an experienced Finance Director and while not all businesses require or can afford a full time Finance Director there are times in every businesses life cycle when experienced financial support will significantly improve the likelihood of success. We are experts in Strategic Planning, Financial Reporting, Operational Accounting, Business Cycle Events and Relationship Management at the highest level. Our approach is to improve the expertise and knowledge within your business improving day to day decisions and helping you to build procedures that can be relied upon into the future.

Financial leadership, insight and control is fundamental to the successful running of all businesses. Whether it is securing finance, negotiating terms with customers, suppliers or employees or managing business growth, the Finance Director represents your interests, to ensure that you get the results that your business needs.

We have developed a consultative approach to provide the financial leadership that you need at all levels and functions within your business, from board level decision making to individual credit control or purchasing decisions.

Please review our case studies to better understand how we can help you achieve more from your business.